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Mona Lisa Chocolatier®
Gourmet Chocolates & Candies

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Mona Lisa® Chocolatier's assorted gourmet chocolates and candies are the ultimate confectionery experience. We offer the finest in European confection quality.  Each piece is crafted in true “old world” tradition using only the finest chocolates and candy ingredients.  Prepared for the discerning connoisseur, Mona Lisa® Chocolatier’s distinctive packaging, elegant presentations, and regal brand, serves as the pinnacle of gift giving and are a celebration of confection harmony.  Taste the silky opulence of our Alpine chocolates and other gourmet candies and you’ll know why she wears her famous smile.

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Dark Chocolate Black Licorice BonBon
The bonbon, originally a candy of the 17th century French royal court, come from the word bon – meaning good! Dark, rich chocolate enrobes chewy black licorice to make this an eye-fluttering experience.

White Chocolate Banana Truffle
Be decadent with our Banana Truffle.  Whipped with heavy, rich cream, our banana and butter scotch – flavored white chocolate truffles are decorated to look like a tiny scoop of ice cream.  A glazed sugar syrup with dripped milk chocolate gives the banana truffle a beautiful aesthetic and inviting quality.

Dark & Milk Chocolate Caramel Truffle
This spherical dark chocolate-coated delight surrounds a smooth caramel center.  Tempered into a precise crystal appearance, our caramel truffle is topped with coco chips-it simply permeates your taste buds.

Hard Ginger Drops
Beautifully colored scrumptious hard candy drop rich with ginger flavor.

White Chocolate Gummi Bears
These delicious white chocolate-covered gummi bears awaken your taste buds from hibernation!  At the center of this smooth and milky-tasty candy is a chewy translucent gummi that provides the ideal sweetness.  Reward yourself with the perfect treat! 

Limoncello Marzipan
Covered in rich white chocolate blended with rich almond and tasty lemon, this exquisite candy is the ultimate sensory experience.  It’s the ultimate, ”melt in your mouth” experience!

The Elegance You Deserve™


Now We Know Why She Smiles™

— Mona Lisa® Chocolates and Gift Candies


Please join us as our family of fine chocolates and confections continues to grow.